Candidate Election Results

The LP’s national ticket of Jo Jorgensen and Spike Cohen received 1.89% of the vote in Idaho – out performing the nationwide average. This was the second-highest presidential percentage in history for the LP, after Johnson/Weld in 2016. It was also more than four times the vote received this year nationwide by the next most popular ticket (the Greens). Five local Libertarians ran for partisan office.

Joe Evans ran for United States Representative District 1, and he came in third with 3.6% of the vote.

Jennifer Luoma ran for Legislative District 2 Seat B, and she came in second with 16.52% of the vote.

Jess Smith ran for Legislative District 13 Seat B, and he came in second with 22.28% of the vote.

Lisa Adams ran for Legislative District 21 Seat B, and she came in second with 28.51% of the vote.

Dan Karlan ran for Legislative District 28 Senator, and he came in second with 22.36% of the vote.

Justin Nagel ran for Kootenai County Sheriff, and he came in third with 9.64% of the vote.

It was an impossible year given the resource constraints and election environment. The distain between the two major parties drained voters away from policy focused candidates, Libertarian candidates faced a near complete black out from the media, the pandemic revoked our ability to use grass root efforts, and the economy impacted fundraising efforts – and yet we stood our ground. Nationwide libertarian candidates helped to grow our base and remind voters there was a party out there who still cared about liberty. Nationwide there are now over 225 Libertarians who were elected.

Here in Idaho our candidates ran tough races against incumbents and overfunded parties. The results of the 2020 election show that in a two way race Libertarians are earning the same percentage of votes as either of the other two major parties. The difference is that we are pulling that same base line of votes without the hundreds of thousands of dollars that the other candidates spent. Campaign budgets are often great previews to how politicians can/will handle taxpayer funded budgets. If only the news reported it as such.

I am personally very proud of how well our candidates did this year and saw the effort each put into their race. We exceeded previous years on obtaining media coverage, we broke registered libertarian records, we broke total vote records for candidates, and we maintained ballot access. And the biggest takeaway is that liberty is alive and well in Idaho.


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