January 7, 2021


The Libertarian Party of Idaho Condemns Violence and Destruction

“Best out of two” brings out the worst of us all


Boise, ID – The Libertarian Party of Idaho (LPID) strongly condemns violence and destruction by protestors. We do not believe in, or advocate, for the initiation of violence as a means of achieving political or social goals. We hold our party members and elected Libertarians to this pledge and demand other parties to hold a higher standard of representation than they currently have.

The violence and aggression of the past year can be attributed to the long documented exclusionary practices of government operations. For too long, partisan extremists have dominated our electoral process at the expense of independent minded Idaho voters. The acts of voter suppression and corruption carried out by both the Democratic Party and the Republican Party should no longer be tolerated by any American voters.

It is clear, voters from every political philosophy feel that they are not being represented by their elected officials. Voters feel silenced before they can submit their ballot, while party leaders encourage them to blame their neighbor, rather than hold those in power accountable. The Republican and the Democratic parties are no longer viable organizations focused on their constituents and rather they have become solely focused on continued mutual destruction.

The Libertarian Party of Idaho supports the decentralization of government as a means to end the division in America; and unwind the authoritarian practices instituted by the two old parties. The Libertarian Party of Idaho supports the defunding of the federal government to reduce the corruption of elected officials, who continually prove their priority is special interests groups needs over the needs of the people. We encourage voters to leave the two party system in the past and rediscover liberty.



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