October 18, 2020

Libertarian Party of Idaho Continues to Opposes Expansion of Medicaid

Paulette Jordan incorrectly claims Libertarian support

Boise, ID – Paulette Jordan, Candidate for Idaho Senate, spoke last week with KTVB Doug Petcash regarding her stance on the Affordable Care Act (ACA). Within the interview Paulette Jordan makes the claim that “…in 2018 […] Libertarian and from the Green Party […] were all able to come together on this one very important issue and again that’s access to healthcare.” This statement does not reflect the Party’s official stance on the issue and misrepresents the Party’s platform.

The Libertarian Party of Idaho did not campaign for nor endorse Proposition 2 in 2018 – the initiative to expand Medicaid. Libertarians believe that healthcare prices would decrease and quality and availability of healthcare would increase if providers were freed from government meddling and control. Virtually every person wants access to quality healthcare at an affordable price. Libertarians think the best way to achieve this is by removing government interference and enabling free markets

Paulette Jordan does not have any authority to speak on the behalf of the Libertarian Party, nor has she reached out to the Libertarian Party in any way, prior to this interview.

The Chair of the Libertarian Party of Idaho, Jennifer Imhoff, stated “Her choice of words inappropriately represent the third largest party in Idaho, and show a poor understanding of constituent values beyond her own party.”

More information about the Party’s official stance on healthcare can be found at



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