LP Idaho State Convention 2024

The annual convention of the Libertarian Party of Idaho is coming up! We will meet in Eagle, Idaho, at the Eagle River Event Center, from 9 AM to 5 PM Mountain Time on March 23-24. Come to discuss Liberty, meet officers and candidates, debate platform issues, and elect officers and delegates to the Libertarian National Convention. See the Convention Committee’s proposed agenda here.

We’re thrilled to have special guest Dan McKnight of Bring Our Troops Home to speak with us about his Defend the Guard Initiative, which is seeing major progress in several states thanks to dedicated Libertarian activists.

Liberty-related merchandise will be available at a raffle. Watch this space for announcements of the grand prizes!

Proposed amendments to the LPID Bylaws can be perused here. This report was also sent along with the notice for convention to all members.

Much of the convention is expected to be spent debating additions to the LPID Platform. The Platform Committee Report, containing all the committee’s proposals for additions, is available here. Members are also free to introduce planks from the floor for debate. Bring your proposals!

Frequently Asked Questions

What do I need to bring in order to participate?

The party will have a list of eligible members. Please bring a photo ID for us to verify your identity.

LPID Bylaws require participants to be Idaho residents over the age of 16. Only dues-paying party members in good standing, who have been members since 12/23/23 at the latest, are eligible.

Will I need to pay anything in order to participate?

Members who satisfy the participation requirements will not be required to make any further donations in order to vote at convention. Adults who are not party members may attend, with a purchase at the door of a $20 admission.

I can’t attend in person. Can I participate remotely?

Unfortunately, the LPID Bylaws do not appropriately allow for remote participation in conventions. If you wish to run for a position, but cannot attend, ask someone who can attend to nominate you for the position. At the time of the nomination, the convention will call you to confirm that you would accept.

I would like to advertise my campaign at the convention. How can I do so?

Every participating member will receive a binder with the proposed agenda, bylaws report, and platform report. Candidates may buy a full-page advertisement for $125 or a half-page advertisement for $75. Candidates may also buy a table in the convention hall for $125 per day (table staff have free admission regardless of party membership). Interested candidates should contact the Executive Board at board@lpid.org

How do I become an Idaho Delegate for the Libertarian National Convention?

Delegates and Alternates to the National Convention will be elected at this state convention by nomination from the floor and a balloted vote. In order to be eligible to become a delegate, candidates must have been members in good standing of both the Libertarian Party of Idaho and the National Libertarian Party since 1/23/24 (60 days prior to the state convention).

Raffle prizes include:

  • 1 oz Copper round, signed by Kyle Rittenhouse
  • 5 oz River of No Return Wilderness silver round
  • .308 Silver Bullet
  • Silver rounds ranging from 1/10 oz to 2 oz
  • More to be announced!

Raffle tickets may be purchased at the door, with the following price schedule:

# of Tickets Price
1 $5
5 $20
15 $50
35 $100
100 $250
Thanks to Money Metals Exchange for the prizes!
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